The Designer's Tool for XR.

The Metaverse is here but the tools aren’t. The next iteration of the web will run on Extended Reality (XR), but there are no tools for the 16M+ Figma and Adobe users who need a way of building for that future.

That’s why we’re building Playbook: The go-to tool for prototyping immersive experiences. We empower designers to go from zero to one in XR without writing code or getting lost in learning curves to ensure that the next generation of the web is accessible, interoperable, and incredibly beautiful.

( more to come )

Making Plays for Growth

In Fall 2021 current leads Skylar Thomas and JD Leroy joined the project, taking Playbook from a product idea to a potential business. After a successful round of seed funding, Playbook is now developing to integrate with Unity, Figma and Unreal Engine for in-headset design capabilities.
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